Stephen Mullighan is playing politics which he has just reinforced with his latest Coast Park Path Video published on the 3rd of March, 2018.

This was originally called out by the Messenger in its article on the 26th April, 2017 - read the article here. - Mullighan's Backflip.

Mullighan's original stand was to support a low impact, less than 3m wide, natural-material pathway and take into account residents' concerns.

Why has he now put out a video criticising these same residents?

Only one answer is evident!  The Labour Government, together with the City of Charles Sturt Council has been saying one thing and actively promoting something else.

Here are some of the letters that Stephen Mullighan has sent residents, community groups and Council endorsing his view of "a low impact path made of natural materials, less than 3m wide" and asking the Council "to find appropriate compromises to residents' concerns".

Mullighan was also critical of the Council for progressing their plans for a 3m wide path and "unnecessarily agitating residents" and asked the Council "to give due consideration to the concerns of the community".

In these letters he has clearly stated that he does not agree with Council plans.

1. S Mullighan -  13 February 2017.

2. S Mullighan Letter - 20 January 2017.

3. S Mullighan Letter - 20 January 2017.

4. S Mullighan Letter - 7 October 2016.

5. S Mullighan Letter - 17 June 2016.

6. S Mullighan Letter - 9 June 2016.

7. S Mullighan Letter - 4 April 2016.

There is also a letter from John Rau ( Attorney General, Minister for Planning and Deputy Premier) to Mayor Angela Evans of the Charles Sturt Council stating that "I also understand that there are local community concerns in relation to this project.  In progressing this project, I accordingly ask you to give due consideration to these concerns."  

8. J Rau Letter to Mayor Evans 22 September 2016.