The CEPG Inc. Is a group of people who care about the coast and dunes along the section of Adelaide metropolitan coastline between Grange and Semaphore Park.



From the 22nd of October to the 26 October 2018, postal ballots will be mailed out to those enrolled to vote in the local CCS Council Elections.  There are a total of 8 Wards, with 2 Councillors per Ward, plus the position of Mayor.  

Postal votes must be received by 5pm Friday 9th November.  There is a ballot box at the CCS Council Chambers if you would prefer to put your ballot in the box, or if you are unable to ensure that your ballot will be received by the Electoral Commission before 5pm on Friday 9th November.

For your vote to count (and the CEPG recommends you exercise your right to vote, although it is voluntary) you must number as many boxes as there are vacancies.  You must use the number 1 and 2 to complete your ballot paper.  If you wish, you may continue to number some or all of the other boxes.

More information can be found here at: https://www.ecsa.sa.gov.au/voting/voting-in-council-elections

Information about the Candidates standing in your Ward can be found here: http://www.lga.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?c=4137&u=7436&view=elections

CCS Council Meeting Redacted Statements from Deputations made on the Public Consultation Policy - 9 April 2018

The CCS Council released a Draft Public Consultation Policy, asking for public consultation submissions by the 2nd March 2018.  

A total of 35 submissons were submitted by the public and a collated report of these submissions with comments, was prepared for Council and included in the Agenda at the Council Meeting on 9 April when the Public Consultation Policy would be considered and voted on by elected members.

On the 9th April, four deputations and presentations were made at the Council Meetings specifically about agenda Item 6.34 - the Draft Public Consultation Policy.

These deputations were made by individuals concerned about the changes to the Public Consultation Policy and sufficiently concerned to air the issues at a Council Meeting.

The Council were provided with speaking notes and/or a Powerpoint slide deck for 3 of the 4 presentations.

On Friday the 13th April the Council published draft minutes from the meeting.  

Imagine the surprise of all the deputees when they discovered that the material provided to the Council had been redacted for no good reason.

In 3 cases out of the 4 unconfirmed minutes, it is stated that "The notes from the deputee have been redacted to avoid the publication of material that may be defamatory."

Given that the presentations were honestly held opinons, reflecting the individual's views, there would appear to be no reasonable basis to redact the presentations or withhold information from the public and ratepayers.

Perhaps the Council is embarrassed by the comments - however that is not a reason to hide or cover up the text that was presented to elected members at a full meeting of Council.

The full and complete presentations made by the deputees are now included below.  


Dr. J Packer Deputation (redacted by Council)

G. Reed (WEDGE) Deputation (redacted by Council)

T. Crompton - Botten Levinson Lawyers Deputation


In November 2016 The Coastal Ecology Protection Group (and others) commenced legal proceedings against the City of Charles Sturt in relation to a 3 metre wide Coast Park Path to be built between Semaphore Park and Grange.  Judgment on the case was handed down on the 21st of September 2017 in the Supreme Court of South Australia by Justice Blue.

To read more about the case, click here.

To read Justice Blue's Judgment online, click here.  

To read the Closing Submission by the Plaintiffs' click here.  

To read the City of Charles Sturt's response to the decision on the 21 September 2017, click here.

To read the City of Charles Sturt's most rescent response to the decision as of 27 September 2017, click here.

Why the Dunes between Grange and Semaphore Park are so important

As stated by Justice Blue in the judgement as handed down in the Supreme Court in September 2017 "The Grange to Semaphore Park dune system has State geoheritage significance."

In another section of the judgment he says "that taking a long term view, the swale as a whole has existed for centuries but there has been periodic changes over the centuries in which there has been erosion and deposition of sand, change of profile and vegetation. "

He further states " While the plants growing in the swale are only decades old, they are the successors of plants growing generally in the swale over centuries. "

These "corridor" dunes which connect north and south to the Tennyson Dunes Reserve, are 3% of the remaining dunes that existed before European Colonisation, and extended from the Le Fevre Peninsula in the north to Seacliff in the south.

Geoheritage (and Geoconservation) are international recognized concepts, concerned with the preservation of Earth Science features, and are important endeavours globally, as reflected in various international and intra-national bodies setup for conservation, with agremeents, conventions and inter-governmental initiatives.

The CEPG Inc. works through education, research and advocacy.

Over the last 25 years, some of the achievements that the CEPG Inc. has accomplished include:

- Facilitation and funding of permanent environmental informational signage at all beach access paths in the CCS area;

- Building of Tennyson Dunes viewing platform and educational signage with other dune care groups and Kiwanis;

- Creation of the first local native coastal plants brochure now re-printed many times;

- Lobbying for retaining beach bins;

- Environmental walk and talk tours;

- Neighbour to neighbour native plant and animal education resulting in large scale weed removal and native plantings;

- Backyard native plant nurseries;

- Monitoring, recording and reporting local coastal flora, fauna and processes;

- Regular community forums with environmental expert speaker;

- Researching, evaluating and communicating the latest data on this unique environment;

- Community capacity building

Our Membership

The CEPG Inc's membership incorporates residents in the North, South, East and West suburbs of Adelaide, country South Australia, country Victoria, country New South Wales, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and as far afield as Canada and the Caribbean.

The CEPG Inc. was incorporated in 2001, after some years operating as a less formal organization.

We are a not-for-profit charity registered with the ACNC and the ATO.  

Other organisations who support the work of The CEPG Inc. are:

Tennyson Dunes Group                                           www.tennyson.org.au

WEDGE (Wild Endangered Dunes Group)                 www.facebook.com/wedgeSA

Community Alliance SA (CASA)                               www.communityalliancesa.org.au

Environmental Defenders Office SA Inc                   www.edosa.org.au


The CEPG Inc.

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*Bangambiki Habyarimana,  The Great Pearl of Wisdom