The actions taken by The CEPG Inc. have been instrumental in preventing damage to this remnant dune system.  But this is just the start.

We are fully aware that the Council and the State Government will more than likely continue their push.  However, with your help, The CEPG Inc. and it's members are committed to continuing our fight.

We have no intention of letting this project proceed as proposed with the wanton destruction and erosion it will impose on our coast.

To ensure we can continue to adequately fund our future actions, and with the expectation we will have to prepare for future battles, we are asking for your help and support with donations.

If you have made a donation, then please consider donating more.  If you have not made a donation, please consider supporting our cause and preserving the remaining 3% of the 7,000 year old dune system that existed before European colonisation.

The CEPG Inc. has been granted full charitable status by the ATO and donations can be used for the purposes of a tax offset.

You can download and print THIS FORM to donate.

Thank you,

The CEPG Inc. Board.