The CEPG Inc. is a group of people who care about the coast and dunes along the section of Adelaide metropolitan coastline between Grange and Semaphore Park.   


On the 3rd March Stephen Mullighan issued his latest video regarding the Coast Park Path. Yet again he is playing politics and trying to be all things to all people.  

If you are unable to view the video here, click here to view it on Stephen Mullighan's Facebook Page. Click the back button to return to this page.

We invite you to make your own minds up on Stephen Mullighan's "backflip" as originally called out by the Messenger on the 26th April 2017, after watching the video and reading his letters to residents, the City of Charles Sturt and local community groups.  MULLIGHAN LETTERS

We are reminded of a quote “Mix carefully truth and deceit and you have politics”*

Let’s fact check some of his statements from the video.

“we have been working hard to get this path completed….”

“we have been working hard with the Council to get this finished…”

NOT TRUE: this does not accord with the letters written by Mullighan between April 2016 and February 2017 where he exhorts the Council not to build the path they plan. See the letters here (Mullighan Letters).

IF TRUE: Then his letters were a smokescreen for his involvement while pretending to be against it he was actually supporting it.

“as you can see it’s a great way for people to enjoy low speed cycling”

NOT TRUE: the path connects to a Discovery Trail in the Tennyson Dunes Reserve which is a walking trail.

NOT TRUE: Check the video at 0:18 is that a low speed cyclist?

“or walking or jogging to access our beautiful beaches”

NOT TRUE: the path is a South to North path and will not improve access to the beaches. Access to the beaches is by East-West paths and they will be the same in number and in the same place both before and after any Coast Park Path.

“but as some people may know it’s been frustrated by a small handful of residents who are trying to keep the public away from the beaches that they have been enjoying privately”

NOT TRUE: Access to the beaches is freely available to everyone. They are public beaches.  People’s opposition to the proposed path is the damage it will wreak on the dunes. Residents support a path just not the path that the Council has proposed.

“this is public land and the public should be able to access it” implying that the public cannot access the land in front of the houses."

NOT TRUE: The public have full access to the beaches and to the existing low impact path in front of the existing houses.

“I have had thousands of people who have contacted me in the electorate I represent who want to see this path finished”

UNKNOWN: Mullighan does not provide any evidence to support his thousands claim and certainly does not mention the people who have contacted him, his office or the Council objecting to the current path design.

“but I am really disappointed that the other candidates at this election don’t share my views and my enthusiasm for this path we have had both the Liberal candidate as well as the S.A. Best candidate try and walk away from a commitment to finish this path and that’s bad news for the community

NOT TRUE: The Liberal candidate Steven Rypp and the S.A. Best Candidate have both stated online and in writing that they will support the path recommended by the community and supported by the CEPG and other organisations. However, they will not support the path designed by the Council.

“so a vote for Labor is a vote for this path it’s a vote for better access to our coastline and to our beaches for the whole community not just the people who are lucky enough to live close to it”

NOT TRUE: Voting for Labor will not improve your access to the beaches. The community who live along the Coast have no more access than anyone else - as they use the same East West Access points to access the beaches.

These are the facts as you can see truth and politics are sometimes very different.


In November 2016 The Coastal Ecology Protection Group (and others) commenced legal proceedings against the City of Charles Sturt in relation to a 3 metre wide Coast Park Path to be built between Semaphore Park and Grange.  Judgment on the case was handed down on the 21st of September 2017 in the Supreme Court of South Australia by Justice Blue.

To read more about the case, click here.

To read Justice Blue's Judgment online, click here.  

To read the Closing Submission by the Plaintiffs' click here.  

To read the City of Charles Sturt's response to the decision on the 21 September 2017, click here.

To read the City of Charles Sturt's most rescent response to the decision as of 27 September 2017, click here.

Why the Dunes between Grange and Semaphore Park are so important

As stated by Justice Blue in the judgement as handed down in the Supreme Court in September 2017 "The Grange to Semaphore Park dune system has State geoheritage significance."

In another section of the judgment he says "that taking a long term view, the swale as a whole has existed for centuries but there has been periodic changes over the centuries in which there has been erosion and deposition of sand, change of profile and vegetation. "

He further states " While the plants growing in the swale are only decades old, they are the successors of plants growing generally in the swale over centuries. "

These "corridor" dunes which connect north and south to the Tennyson Dunes Reserve, are 3% of the remaining dunes that existed before European Colonisation, and extended from the Le Fevre Peninsula in the north to Seacliff in the south.

Geoheritage (and Geoconservation) are international recognized concepts, concerned with the preservation of Earth Science features, and are important endeavours globally, as reflected in various international and intra-national bodies setup for conservation, with agremeents, conventions and inter-governmental initiatives.

The CEPG Inc. works through education, research and advocacy.

Over the last 25 years, some of the achievements that the CEPG Inc. has accomplished include:

- Facilitation and funding of permanent environmental informational signage at all beach access paths in the CCS area;

- Building of Tennyson Dunes viewing platform and educational signage with other dune care groups and Kiwanis;

- Creation of the first local native coastal plants brochure now re-printed many times;

- Lobbying for retaining beach bins;

- Environmental walk and talk tours;

- Neighbour to neighbour native plant and animal education resulting in large scale weed removal and native plantings;

- Backyard native plant nurseries;

- Monitoring, recording and reporting local coastal flora, fauna and processes;

- Regular community forums with environmental expert speaker;

- Researching, evaluating and communicating the latest data on this unique environment;

- Community capacity building

Our Membership

The CEPG Inc's membership incorporates residents in the North, South, East and West suburbs of Adelaide, country South Australia, country Victoria, country New South Wales, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and as far afield as Canada and the Caribbean.

The CEPG Inc. was incorporated in 2001, after some years operating as a less formal organization.

We are a not-for-profit charity registered with the ACNC and the ATO.  

If you would like to make a DONATION, please contact us via email on cepg@cepg.org.au

Other organisations who support the work of The CEPG Inc. are:

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Environmental Defenders Office SA Inc                   www.edosa.org.au


The CEPG Inc.

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*Bangambiki Habyarimana,  The Great Pearl of Wisdom